Cooley Mechanical LLC - Terms and Conditions

  1. Engaging with Cooley Mechanical:

   – The Company provides HVAC and refrigeration system services.

   – Clients enter into a mutually beneficial agreement.

  1. Transparent Pricing and Payments:

   – Pricing Clarity: Clearly presented prices in detailed estimates with flexibility for adjustments based on project scope and unforeseen circumstances.

   – Prompt Payment: Timely payment is essential; delays may result in project interruptions or additional charges.

   – Warranty Support: Assistance with warranty claims, following manufacturer warranty coverage.

  1. Dependable Service:

   – Scheduling Convenience: Diligent efforts to accommodate your schedule; immediate availability is not guaranteed.

   – Diagnostic Excellence: Diagnostic fees cover expert assessments and comprehensive reports.

   – Informed Repairs: Repair recommendations follow diagnostics, providing the choice to proceed as advised.

  1. Flawless Installations:

   – York Certified Excellence: York Certified Comfort Experts with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for York Residential Installations in the initial 12 months.

   – Detailed Estimates: Meticulously detailed installation specifics, costs, and timelines; scope changes may entail additional charges.

   – Regulatory Compliance: Handling permits and adhering to local regulations; clients responsible for conforming to homeowner association rules and local codes.

   – Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and demonstration upon installation completion to ensure satisfaction before project acceptance.

   – Warranty Assurance: Limited warranties for installations, encompassing workmanship and materials for specified periods, with manufacturer warranties covering equipment and components.

  1. Mutual Accountability:

   – Damage Limitation: The Company assumes no responsibility for consequential, incidental, or indirect damages linked to product use, services, or installations.

   – Hold-Harmless Commitment: Clients commit to indemnify and shield the Company from any claims, losses, or damages stemming from product or service use.

  1. Service Termination:

   – Service Discontinuation: The Company reserves the right to cease services due to non-payment, safety concerns, ethical violations, or breaches of these terms.

  1. Confidentiality Clause:

   – Exclusive Communication: Clients agree to exclusively communicate concerns with the Company instead of taking them online or harming the brand in any way.

  1. Communication with Property Owner:

   – Ongoing Communication: The Company reserves the right to remain in communication with the property owner or the individual legally responsible for decision-making.

   – Local Code Official Inspection: The property owner is responsible for making time available for the local code official to inspect the equipment on our behalf.

   – Approval Release: The Company has the right to release approval for the work once it has been paid and authorized as completed to or above the satisfaction of the property owner.

  1. Dispute Resolution:

   – Amicable Resolution: Any disputes arising from these terms will undergo mediation before resorting to legal action.

  1. Governing Principles:

   – Jurisdiction: These terms and conditions adhere to the laws of the state in which the Company operates.

Refund Policy:

   – If you are not satisfied with the estimate, invoiced amount, or services performed, please contact our customer service.

   – Additional work and unforeseen obstacles will not be paid for by the company.

   – No refunds will be issued without prior documented authorization.

  1. Estimates and Applicable Rebates:
  1. Estimates: Cooley Mechanical provides detailed estimates for its HVAC and refrigeration system services. The estimates include pricing specifics, project scope, and potential adjustments based on unforeseen circumstances. It is the responsibility of the client to carefully review and approve these estimates before work commences.
  1. Signed Documents: Clients are required to sign and return the estimate documents with the correct name on the account to confirm their agreement with the proposed scope and pricing. Failure to provide signed documents may result in delays or adjustments to the project.
  1. Rebate Documentation: In cases where applicable rebates are involved in the estimating process, clients must provide all necessary documentation related to rebates. Failure to do so may result in the client being responsible for any difference in costs not covered by the rebate.
  1. Client Responsibility: Clients acknowledge that they are responsible for reviewing, signing, and returning all necessary documents promptly. Any discrepancy between the estimate, signed documents, and applicable rebates will be the responsibility of the homeowner.
  1. Differences in Cost: If there is a difference between the estimated cost, signed documents, and actual costs due to changes in project scope or rebate eligibility, the homeowner will be responsible for covering the additional expenses.
  1. Dispute Resolution: Disputes related to estimates, signed documents, or applicable rebates will follow the procedures outlined in the “Dispute Resolution” section of these Terms and Conditions, emphasizing amicable resolution through negotiation, mediation, and, if necessary, arbitration.

By engaging with Cooley Mechanical LLC, clients affirm their understanding and agreement to the terms outlined in this section related to estimates and applicable rebates. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure accurate and timely completion of all required documentation to avoid any disputes or additional costs associated with the estimating process.

By engaging with Cooley Mechanical LLC, customers affirm their comprehension, agreement, and consent to these terms and conditions. Updates may occur without prior notice, with the latest version being applicable. Your engagement with us signifies your authorization for verbal consent regarding service charges and acknowledges our right to recover unpaid fees at your expense. You are also responsible for any court, attorney, or subsequent legal fees associated with your case, as outlined in our hold-harmless agreement. Please note that Cooley Mechanical LLC is not liable for additional fees related to credit card charge disputes, bounced checks, chargebacks, or non-payment.

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